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capipital reregion. this is "wasngton business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> said thank you for joining us. it has been a difficultlt week for the global a economy. of the disasaster in japan continues to unfold and the economic effects are being felt here ford motor co. told its dealers a cannot deliver a specific color paint because the pigment is made in japan and the longer available. this is a week where japan plays a big part in boosting our economy thks to a 1912 gift of friendship. this i is the week we kickoff cherry blossom festival thanks to those 3000 trees delivered
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from japan. joining usus today elliott ferguson ceo of destination d.c. we are glad to have him he to discuss the festival and the importance of tourism. we know about the people come to town because we see all the traffic but how many are we expecting in totown? >> thank youor having me here today, rebecca. we are expecting or 1 million people to come to washington, d.c. in the 2011, similar to what we had lastear. for us, it is the beginning of the spring tourism season and it launches the entire momomentum of tourism for the city for the rest of the year. >> there was s some talk behind closed doors about canceling the festival entirely because of the events in japan. it started with a vigil at t the
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washington monument. people will be celebrating our kinship japan. i was interested to see how much our international tourists have gone up in number. where are we getting most of ththem from these days? >> most of our internanational tourism, the folks are coming primarily from europe for obvious reasons. their dollar is much stronger than our currency is. they have e four weeks of vacation each year veus two for most folks here in the u.s. we a very excited about european interests here in washington d.c. and also canadian interests. >> number o canada, number two, great britain, but you have been tarargetingng oths as wl. you have a campaign coming up. >> it is an opportunity for us to celebrate a movovie that is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
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for us, it is all things a battalion. we are collaborang with the italn eassy in t the community to make sure the entirire wod what a v i italian community es for washington, d.c. there will be an exhibit at the national gallery of art, the huge catyst for us. and then of course, a a lot of restaurants are participating in the celebration. >> i was surprised to learn that tourism is second only to the federal government in terms of dollars generated for our regional economy. i did not know it was quite that high. some people were worried it would take a hit during the recession. >> the numbers for tourism in washington did suffer slightly because of the recession but i was really relative to other communities that had double-
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digit decreases overall. we are very fortunate because we have congresss herere that insures our hotelels stayay full. occupanc remained relatively flat but room rates were lower. the economic re of owning hotels is really about how much you are able too charge. we were ok comparatively speaking. >> tell us about some of the businesses that are p perhaps over-satated the market with tourism. do we have too many restaurants and hotels? >> fortunately, for washington, d.c. it is really a matter of more is better. as the world is continuing to look at washington as a destination, people are lking and considering washington above and beyond what they are interested in. the smithsonian museueums the monuments, and the zoo
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attractions that folks are interested in. now folks are looking at other aspects of interest, the international community the retail community, the restaurant scene. the more restaurants we have the better off we arbor. we are very excited about a new marriott hotel that is being built in the city and will be open in 2014. >> you have heard the criticism that washington, d.c.,id not act quickly enough to build a hotel. you are already losing business to other cities. how you plan to susin convention business? >> there is a built in demand for our destination. yes, we did lose some market shareo the cies that you referenced, but there is still a lot of interest in washington, d.c. they want to meet in washihington
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d.c. folks want to be in the district. that is really important to us. as we look ahead -- usually in thconvention world it will not happen five years from now so we are positionining ourselves to make sure 2014 and beyeyond -- we are better positioned overall. >> ellio ferguson, since you for joining us on "washington business reportt." we are going to take a quick break. our reporter roundtable is next. stay with us. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together what's in it for you?
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. the new york times wants to stay in business. old school media are scrambling to find a way to find money. starting first thing tomorrow morning, you will need a credit card to have the unlimited access tohe new york times with your morningg coffee. joining us to talk about that and more, jim vandehei, execututive editor of "politico."." i should point out that your sister new organization is a part of ththe organization. you have an internet site that happens to have been newspaper. it is free content. he staed another site with paid content. >> everything that is on "politico" remains free.
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we have created a specialty web site for a premimium pricece. they give really intensive coverage for those issues -- they get really y intensive coverage for those issues. if you can produce content thahat is essential to people's lives they will pay for it. i think that is what the new york times will find it. there is a chunk of their readers who find the newew york times essential to their life. >> it is a pretty steep fee, much as $50 a month. i have to tell you i go to bed withth my black. and read in bed the new york times every night but i am not sure i would pay $50 a month for that privilege. what have you all grapple with at "politico?"
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you still have journalists to pay for it. >> we have come to the decision that forow it makes much more sense developing our b brand to make sure we can build as big of an audience as possible. down the line, every news organization will have to think about who pays for the content. over the long haul, if the new york times wants to have a robust organization, the have to find more than just advertising to susustain its lel of growth and ediditorial commitment. will people pay the fee per month for it? thought it was really high. i thought they should of gone with a much lower threshold. >>hy should the new york times be so much more? >> they are tryrying t to keep in mind -- >> ll people only sign up if their bosses' pay for it? " " i think a lot of people fall
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into that category. -- >> i think a lot of people fall into that category. >>i i had given up that for t internet. >> what did, not knowing there was a charge for it, i only get the weekend edition. it is not that expensive. you get accesss to the website as well. >> there are all kinds of exceptions. you could go into google news. a lot of people are trying to figure this out. who is going to be the republican candidate in 2012 seems early f for voters, but for the political world, if you are not in it for the p primary, you may be too late. who is in it anand who is not? >> people seem more hesitant to
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jump in early. last time around, we had a very robust campaign rolling. tim pawlenty has an exploratory committee. he is definitely in. in the barber, governor of mississippi, i would say 95% certain he is in. former gov. mitt romney, 100% certainty. then there is this b crop of folks that we do not know about. michelle bachman is running for the social win of the party. >> i thoug it was interesting on "politico" today.. yo had a great article about mitt romne and how he is slogging it ththrough, slowly but steadily thenou had an article about do not count out michelle chman. people take her very seriously.
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that was the no. 1 red article on "politico." >> she has a huge follllowing particularly in theocial window of th republican party. you are going to have somebody running for the social w wing of the party. right now michelle bachman is as aractive as anyone else. she raised almost $14 million as a house member of the last time around, more than any other member o of congress. it is huge. it shows that she connects with the tea party movement. people like her. people like that she i anti- establishment. >> it is not a an expensive media by town she is clearly setting up for something. >> that makes heher a force. she has some routes and iowa.
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there is no reason she could catch fire. the fact that she raises money the tea party movement likes her, and she is figuring out ways to leverage herself in washington to have a national platform because she is always jecting herself in ese debates makes her a serious player. >> we will see. we will see if theyet any others. you are taking a look at what investors are feeling about the world economy. it is not libya, ere japan causing the greatest undies on wall street right w. -- the gatest unease on ll reet right now. >> what people worry about in new york and elsewherere is the fed on rest were to spread like places like saudi arabia with
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the rion where they he mass production of oil. th would have e a hu effect t on the economy. that is the conrn. that is the reason why there is great concern on n libya. it is also abobout the oil. there is a tremendous oil production that comes out of libya as well. the fact that that has not worked its way in to stock prices or economic confidences surprising. the totality of all of this in the next couple of weeks will have pressure on stocks. >> jim vandehei, thank you for joining us. stay with us. doug freuhling joins us next.
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>> welcome back. joining us to talk about all of the business news in our area this week, doug f freuhling editor in chief of the “wawashington business journal." let's bring you ion this. the “washington business journal" has some conontent for free and some content for premium fee. >> you can only read it online if you are a subscriber. this is our nationwebsite
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online nationwidide. we are trying to maintain these print subscptions for as long as we can. >> you have a team of reporters that has to cover all kinds of areas inin this economy. is that how you keep the payroll going? how much of that is your revenue? you are not on the business side of things. >> w we are generly advertising- supported, but we are in a good sp because peopl are generally willing to spend money as opposed to a mainstream paper covering everything. >> and that isis what was interesting to me bause i put the new york times in the category of things i would want to know. let's get to a premium-paid topic this week. one of the a articles in your print edition, where the jobs
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ll be in 2011. >> there will be jobs fortunately. that is always good. we lost about 38,000 jobs in the009. wewe came back with about 40,000 jobsast year that we added. thats abt averageor t washington area. if things continue, we expect to add that many again. most of those jobs a are for professial services which encompasses general contracting , government contracting firms and the technology firms, things like that. lawyers are not hiring and not yet, but the typical washington jobs. you say y don't expect it to bebe a year of hiring by the federa government. you are reporting there is uncertainty of notot knowing how much federal government spending will go down, but i thought it was interesting that contract
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and is growing so muchith cuts in federal spending. booz allen hamilton -- >> they are hirg thousands. they hired thousands last year and will probably end up hiring thousands this year. the trickle-down effect to the contractors is expected to continue this year. >> it toto looking or a j job who are you u serving? it looks like i t was the place to go. >> the federal government is spending money on both sides of the aisle. the dulles toll road, you k know? >> this talk about politics and our area. the buness community has been watctching with concern the problems that messrs. gray has been facing and his admiministraration. ithey are concerned about
9:53 am
republicans in congress wanti a greater oversight which is not helpful when you want businesses toto do well. >> we have not seen a start to an adminisation alike this the may's approval rating w at 38%. the council chairman was at 27%.. it was very interesting bause the mayor's office publicized the poll. >> wha was the good news? >> i it was either a verytupidd thing to do or a chance to write a ship. >> you ported on a meeting with 15 business leaders in the community withh the mayor. people sayike they feel like the mayor has a perception problem, that he cannot overcome it but there is a real concern about brown people are worried
9:54 am
about hmay be facing criminal charges about money being misspent. do you think he is facing a more seririous situation? >> i think it is a veryy serio situation. i cannot comment on criminal charges or what the evidence is, but he has a big problem right now. thisis earlyly in your term, to lose the confidence of the voters and your colleagues, we need a strong chairmaman right now, and he certainly is not a strong chairman right now. >> it is a pleasure to have you on "washington business report." coming up, our number of the week. woman: my giant -- they're fantastic. i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things
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>> and our number r of the week is 27 washingtoton's position on the list of 27 cities in terms of the quality of cell phone service. in other words dead last. d.c. has 18 cell pho problems per 100 users. dole say w we did not give you an excuse when you forget to call the boss back. that is all for today. did you for joining us. you can check out our previous showsy going to a website. -- our website.
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